A restless creative with a love for animals, colors, and problem solving,
Renee Schaefer is the girl you want on your team.

With skills in design, art direction, copywriting, strategy and marketing
she's done just about everything - print, digital, production, package design,
you name it. Always hungry to learn more she is constantly finding new ways
to inspire herself, this desire has given her a love of travel and a passion to
work with new people in new places. 

Before graduating with her BA in Advertising from
SCAD-Atlanta she interned at Bauer Haus Creative where she worked with
various clients doing both print and digital design. Currently she works
as San Lorenzo Bikinis' Head of Branding where she works closely
with the Marketing Director on advertising, collection releases, website design,
packaging, photography, editing, and much much more.

She also runs her own store on Etsy.com where she sells her
handmade craft designs.


Contact Renee

(808) 398 - 2295